Uninsured Fees


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a service that was not covered by Manitoba Health? Uninsured services can help! Our services provide a cost-effective way to take care of your medical needs, such as obtaining a sick note, filing an insurance claim. Get the help you need today and feel confident knowing you are covered!

  • Sick note $20
  • Doctor’s note $20
  • Travel cancellation form $50
    Doctor hourly rate may apply for complex forms.
  • School immunization form $60
    plus $20 for each injection
  • Insurance forms $120
    Medical legal, Disability, Competency
  • Disability insurance forms
    Short-Term $60, Long-term $120
  • CPP FORM $85
  • Modified duties form $40 minimum per page
    Doctor hourly rate may apply for complex forms.
  • Camp or school forms $60
  • Parking permit form $30
  • MPI driver’s physical $100
  • CRA disability tax credit $100
  • MPI alcohol or drug reporting form $30
  • Proof of death $50
    Doctor hourly rate may apply for complex forms.
  • Injection
    [Hepatitis A, B, Twinrix, Shingrix, Prevnar 13] $20 injection fee only plus office visit $40 *Vaccines for TRAVEL, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH or EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES are not provided by MHSC [ Exception: rabies vaccine; mumps, measles and rubella vaccine; and seasonal influenza vaccine ]
  • LIQUID N2 $25
    Each cosmetic lesion
  • PAP $25
    Just when uninsured by Manitoba Health
  • Uninsured Pre-Op Form $120
  • Uninsured COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test $25
  • Physicals
    Physicals $120 (When uninsured by Manitoba Health)

    RCMP form, Work physical form, Adoption physical form, Police physical form, Sport physical form

  • Transfer of Chart
    Less than 50 pages $50

    Over 50 pages $50 plus 30 cents per page

  • Missed Appointment
    Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your appointment. Special considerations will be considered if less than 24 hours, please speak to the doctor or the doctor’s medical office assistant.

    Regular $50, Complete $100, Counselling $100

  • Travel health office visit
    If provided by doctor $50 per visit (injections and medications are not covered under this fee)